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Bluebell Railway Atlantic Group
December 2004, February 2005 progress

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8 February 2005

See the news report from Lewis Nodes
The boiler has been moved nearer the workshop in order to clear the site for the new shed.

December 24th 2004

Christmas present arrives!
Frame flat-pack The latest news is that the frames have been cut, and that the flat frame pack (minus mainframes which have gone to Pridhams) arrived at Sheffield Park on Monday afternoon (see photo left). At 2 and a half tons this is the biggest bit of raw steelwork to arrive for some time! The main frames are at Pridhams to be joggled, and are expected to arrive in the spring.

Further good news is that outline planning permission has been granted for the proposed new building.

Below is a photo showing the completed tender frames.

Frame flat-pack

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Project Funding

A fund raising appeal for the cash required to complete the project was launched in 2000, and a combination of gifts made via the Bluebell Railway Trust, and standing orders set up to provide a steady income to the project have now made over a third of the total available. Whilst this has provided funding for the present work, more is going to be needed to complete the project, and the best way in which you can help is by setting up a small, regular, standing order to the Bluebell Railway Trust under Gift Aid, since this enables the Trust to reclaim the basic rate tax you have paid, and (if you are a higher rate tax-payer) enables you to reclaim some tax as well.

A combined Donation, GiftAid and Standing Order form is available as a pdf document.

For further details contact David Jones.

A donation is made to this project when you buy Historical Transport Film videos from Beulah.

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