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News of the Brighton Atlantic Project

28 September 2001

View of loco
Physical work has focussed on the tender frame. Frank Glue has been removing all the unwanted parts fitted after its conversion, seen here on 22 April.

View of loco
Repairs have been made to the ends of the rear buffer beam which had been damaged in its later life.

View of loco
Removal of wagon label clips from the frames revealed old paintwork.
This picture shows that underneath the layers of black there is Southern green, visible in the bottom part of the picture.
Below this green there is more black, and directly on the primer on the metal surface is a layer of dark red,
dating from its time running with a B4 locomotive in the "Improved Engine Green" livery.
It proved impossible to remove a sample of this colours as the paint was too brittle.

More pictures taken of the project including the large-size originals of those shown here, can be found here.

More information about the Brighton Atlantic Project can be found at the Project Page. There are also background news items about the project.


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