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Supported using public funding by Arts Council England


We are pleased to report that the Arts Council Museum Resilience Fund awarded us the sum of £84,150 for the restoration and adaptation of a railway vehicle as a play and educational facility. Further details are available here (PDF), and the vehicle chosen, "The Elephant Van", is now open to the public daily at Horsted Keynes at the south end of platform 5.

The Bluebell Railway Trust needs your help to conserve, preserve, restore, and maintain in operational condition the Railway's steam locos, carriages and infrastructure. The volunteer-run Bluebell Railway re-opened a closed branch line in 1960, and recently completed its extension to East Grinstead. The Trust is a Registered Charity, No.292497.

263 light engine move - Peter Edwards - 28 July 2012 The Trust is the owner of several historic locomotives and carriages:
SECR H-class Locomotive No.263, seen on the right in Peter Edwards' photo at Three Arch Bridge on the day of its re-dedication after overhaul, Saturday 28 July 2012, and SECR C-class Locomotive No.592.

LBSCR Stroudley and Craven-era Carriages including Nos. 661, 949 and 328 (plus 6 other historic Brighton carriage bodies), LSWR No.25, SER Saloon 172 and LCDR carriage No.3188.

Accredited Museum The Bluebell Railway Trust is also the governing body for the Bluebell Railway Museum, which is now an Accredited Museum.

The Bluebell Railway Trust is able to accept legacies, covenants, gift-aid donations or CAF vouchers, either for the Trust's general funds or for specific projects which fall within its remit.

Full details of the way the trust works are available, in terms of Funding opportunities and mechanism, and the advantages in leaving Bequests/Legacies.

At present the Trust is actively seeking funding for the Tr(ack) Action Appeal, Cash for Cover Appeal, Keep up the Pressure Appeal, the Bluebell Atlantic Project, the provision of Apprentice positions in the locomotive workshops, as well as general donations towards many other worthwhile Bluebell Railway projects, such as the overhaul of the Schools Class No.928 "Stowe", the Standard Class 2 project, the Steam Crane, the SR Maunsell Dining Saloon and SECR P-class No.27.

Stepney with 114 and 661, 4 November 2006 - Jon Bowers Donate online You can give to The Bluebell Railway Trust on-line using your credit or debit card, with the Gift Aid recovered on our behalf. If you wish to donate through this to a specific project or appeal, there is provision for adding a message to that effect.

Gift-Aid it! If you are a UK tax payer and you complete a Gift Aid Form, this enables us to increase the value of your donation by 25%. Higher rate tax payers are also able to claim additional relief from the tax they have paid via their tax return. A Gift Aid Form for general donations and all other projects is available here to print out. The same form also has details of how to set up a regular Standing Order.

Send this, or any other donation or a CAF cheque voucher, either to the individual fund raising group, or to:

The Bluebell Railway Trust,
Sheffield Park Station,
Nr Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3QL
Please note that, to keep costs down, acknowledgement of donations may not be sent unless you include a Stamped Addressed Envelope.

Photo above right: The trust funded the cost of materials for the restoration of both of the carriages seen here, LBSCR 661 and LCDR 114. LBSCR Terrier "Stepney" is hauling the coaches on the day that 114 returned to service, 4 November 2006 (Jon Bowers).

Donations via 510(C)(3) affiliation with The American Fund for Charities


US donors can use our 510(C)(3) affiliation with The American Fund for Charities

Current Projects

In addition to the above, the Trust is currently involved in the funding of the following projects: Other projects have been approved in principal for funding, and are awaiting specific requirements.

Shed Wall - 2 Feb 2006 - David Chappell

The completed Loco Shed wall, largely funded by the Trust (David Chappell, 2 February 2006)

Past Projects

LCDR Brake Third 114 - 4 Nov 2006 - Richard Slamon The Trust has been involved in the following projects, to a greater or lesser extent:

Rebuilt canopy as of March 2003

Horsted Keynes Platform 1/2 canopy, during the course of construction.


The current trustees are:
Bill Brophy (Chairman)
Vernon Blackburn (Administrative Trustee)
Sam Bee
Terry Cole
Roy Watts MBE

The current BRPS representatives, who are invited to attend Trust meetings, are:

Richard Salmon
Colin Tyson

The principal objects of The Bluebell Railway Trust are the encouragement of research into railway equipment and safety, the maintenance and support of museums for the preservation of railway equipment, the provision of facilities for recreation activities connected with railways and the assistance of persons in need connected with railways. Subject to these objects the Trustees may bear specially in mind charitable purposes connected with the Bluebell Railway.

The Bluebell Railway Trust - Donate - Bequests/Legacies - Funding opportunities and mechanism - Tr(ack) Action Appeal - Cash for Cover Appeal - Keep Up The Pressure - Who's Who

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