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Bluebell Railway 9F Club

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The Club for young people aged 9 - 16

The Bluebell Railway's 9F Club supports the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society (B.R.P.S) by channelling the enthusiasm of young people for steam engines and railways, from merely watching, to actually learning the reality of what it takes to run a preserved railway. Allowing young people between 9 and 16 years of age to undertake 'hands on' activities in small groups under experienced adult supervision.

The 9F Club meets once a month, from March to November, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays. Most of the time the members get very dirty while enjoying, what is often, a hard day of physical activity.

Many members, on leaving the 9F club when they are 16, commence working as volunteers in their preferred department(s) at the railway.

The 9F Club has a safeguarding policy, all adult supervisors are DBS checked and all members sign, and are required to abide by, an annual behaviour agreement.

On Health and Safety grounds this is not a suitable environment for children requiring special supervision.

Membership of the 9F Club is at the discretion of the Bluebell Railway, whose decision is final.

Please Note: It is a mandatory requirement for all 9F Club members to be a member of the B.R.P.S. - details of BRPS membership here.

To join the 9F Club, there is a £15 joining fee (to cover the cost of the 9F Club cap and badges) and the annual subscription is £15.

Please Note that there is currently a waiting list to join the 9F Club.

To join the waiting list, please contact the 9F Club Membership Secretary by email - bluebell9fmembership @ hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk (replace (dot) and remove spaces to obtain email address).


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