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Repaint of BR Mk.1 SK No.25728

23 April 2003

SK out of the paint shop, 23 April 2003 Out of the paint-shop and being prepared for release back into traffic.

17 April 2003

The coach left the paint shop today.

2 April 2003

SK in the paint shop, 2 April 2003 The coach, given a thorough overhaul nine years ago, had been restored to maroon livery. Now, to increase operational flexibility the intention is to have all the Mk.1 coaches in green again as they fall due for re-paints.

In the background can be seen the new insulated end-door on the shed, and the new blockwork wall which, once completed, will enable the removal of the current full-width metal roller-shutter door. The wall on the left is also now rebuilt in blockwork, as compared to the previous corrugated building sheet (which remains on the outside for the present pending further development of the site). This all greatly improves the environment of the paint-shop.


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