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British Railways Standard Class 2MT
2-6-2 Tank Locomotive No 84030

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This is a project to recreate an example of the last British branch-line locomotive - a type that never made it into preservation.

The project is supported through the Bluebell Railway Trust. Download a pdf form to join the project support group and subscribe to the project newsletter, or to make a single donation to the project.
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The Engine we are recreating

tank engine drawing

Thirty examples of the British Railways Standard Class 2MT 2-6-2 Tank locomotive were built; 84000-84019 at Crewe Works in 1953 and 84020-84029 at Darlington Works in 1957. They were all due to be built between 1952 and 1953 but the steel shortage in Britain's post-war economy caused a cut-back in the locomotive building programme to be implemented early in 1952. This resulted in the first of the class being outshopped in August 1953, 12 months behind the original schedule, and the Darlington locomotives being deferred for several years. The first 20 were designed for use on the London Midland Region, whilst the 10 Darlington-built engines were delivered to the Southern Region. LMS Ivatt tank No.41312 at the Bluebell in 2006

The locos were a slightly heavier, BR version of the similar 2MT Tank locomotive designed by Ivatt of the LMS. These Ivatt-designed LMS Tanks had proven popular across Britain due to their wide route availability, ease of maintenance and efficient performance. All but three of them were built by British Railways between 1948 and 1952 at Crewe or Derby Works.

Four of these are in preservation and 41312 visited the Bluebell Railway during 2006, as seen in the photo on the right. As on BR, the loco proved both reliable and popular with crews.

The last surviving member of the BR class was sold for scrap in September 1966, but sadly NOT to Woodham Bros. of Barry! It was broken up shortly after purchase.

No.84013 at Crewe in 1959 - John Griffiths

John Griffiths' photo shows British Railways Standard class 2 No.84013 just out of the paint shops at Crewe Works. He dates it as 1959, although the later BR crest, the presence of overhead wire warning flashes and records showing 84013's visit to Crewe occurring during September/October 1960 make a date during October 1960 more likely. Photo © John Griffiths

What we are using as the basis of the re-creation

The BR class 2 tender locomotive

tender engine drawing

BR Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 tender locomotive No.78059 was built in 1956 at Darlington Works, and was rescued from Woodham's scrapyard at Barry, South Wales in 1980. No available tender for this engine existed as many were sold from Barry to the Duport Steelworks at Briton Ferry. After many years of abuse carrying heavy ingots of scrap steel, these tenders, long shorn of their bodies finally met their end in Duport's own furnaces.

Three other members of this class of loco survive in preservation. None of the 78xxx class were ever allocated to, or regularly worked on the Southern Region, so the decision was taken to convert this locomotive to the tank engine (2-6-2T) version, of which none now exist. She has thus become 84030 - just like the model photographed below!

Model of BR Standard 2MT Tank as No.84030

Updates on progress with the rebuilding are available via the Loco Works News

Technical Data:

Class: Standard Class 2 No.84030 - as being rebuilt
Wheels: 2-6-2T
Class introduced: 1953
Designer: R.A. Riddles (but based closely on the LMS Ivatt design of 1946)
Purpose: Light Mixed Traffic on cross-country routes
Total number built: 30 (this will be the 31st)

Length: 38ft 9.5in overall
Weight: 66 Tons 5 cwt
Water capacity: 1,350 Gallons
Coal capacity: 3 Tons
Boiler Pressure: 200 lb/sq.in
Driving Wheels: 5ft diameter
Pony and Trailing Wheels: 3 ft
Cylinders: (2, outside) 16.5" x 24"
Tractive Effort: 18,515 lbs
BR power classification: 2MT - or 2P/2FA on BR(S)

latest Latest news from the Restoration/conversion of 84030.

You can support this project by making a donation via the Bluebell Railway Trust. Download a pdf form to join the project support group and subscribe to the project newsletter, or to make a single donation to the project.

Recommended reading:

A Pictorial Record of British Railways Standard Steam Locomotive by E.Talbot;
Published by OPC, 1982. ISBN 86093 158 7.

Ivatt and Riddles Locomotives - A Pictorial History, by Brian Haresnape;
Published by Ian Allan, 1977. ISBN 0 7110 0795 0.

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