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Giants of Steam 2003

With 7 locomotives in steam, including visiting V2 'Green Arrow', this event, held over the weekend on the 25t h and 26th October, was not to be missed!

As part of the preparations for Giants, the Monday before the weekend E4 No.473 'Birch Grove' assembled the freight train to be used, and is seen here working it away from Horsted Keynes bound for Sheffield Park.

< br> Early on Saturday morning, No.73082 heads the goods past Holywell.

No.60800 heads the 10.25 ex Sheffield Park past Holywell water-works, followed a little later by No.21C123.

BR Standard Class 4 Nos.75027 and 80151 double-headed the 11.40 from Sheffield Park, seen here entering Lindfield Wood. The following train was the 12.15 freight, with Camelot in charge again.

No.73082 heads the 2.35pm goods past Holywell.

With a tamper having visited the line the previous week, the Sunday ga ve the photographically minded members of the p-way gang a good excuse to head up the line to clear sleepers of scattered ballast, in addition to taking pictures of passing trains!! Please note that some of these shots are on the section of line not covered by the normal lineside permit. Here, No.21C123 heads the 9.30 ex Sheffield Park over the public footpath crossing at Horsted House farm.

20 minutes later, 'Green Arrow' is seen climbing past Vaux End.

No.75027 and 73082 re-created the Pines Express, seen here double heading the 10.25 near Black Hut.

No.21C123 is in charge of the 11.40 'Atlantic Coast Express', seen here at Vaux End.

No.60800 storms away from Horsted Keynes with an early afternoon train - for once the exhaust blotting out the sun added to the effect!

Nos.60800 and 21C123 double-headed the 2.35, seen here arriving at Horsted Keynes.

These luck y individuals got a bird's eye view of proceedings!

Jon Bowers Bluebell Railway Photos


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