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The start of the usual odds and ends for this year!

Sunday the 4th January sees the unusual site of No.96 'Normandy' on a passenger working, paired with No. 672 'Fenchurch' on the 2pm from Sheffield Park. The location is the former Ketches Bridge, just north of Sheffield Park.

E4 No.473 is seen at Horsted Keynes on the 18th January, firstly pausing at the station while the crew swap the single line token for the staff, and secondly restarting for Sheffield Park. The train is the 2.15pm from Kingscote.

No.80151 is seen at the head of the 11.52 from Kingscote as it departs from Horsted Keynes on the 25th January.

A week later on the 1st February, GWR Dukedog No.9017 is also seen departing from Platform 3 at Horsted Keynes, but this time for Kingscote on the 11am from Sheffield Park.

Two shots in almost exactly the same location, as No.9017 heads up the 1 in 75 from 3 Arch Bridge on Sunday 8th February with the 11.00am and 3.02pm trains.

No.672 and the Mets accelerate downhill from Horsted Keynes for Sheffield Park on the 8th February.

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