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visit of Leander

The star visitor to the Bluebell in October and November 2004 was LMS Jubilee 'Leander'. No.5690 was built at Crewe in 1936 , and is usually to be found on the East Lancashire Railway.

This first view was taken half way up Freshfield Bank, the train being the 11am from Sheffield Park on the 13th November.

Left: No.5690 casts a smokescreen over Freshfields curve, as it heads the 3pm from Sheffield Park on Sunday 7th November. Right: Steam heating its train in the Newick Siding at Sheffield Park on the morning of the 13th November.

No.5690 was used in both the Giants of Steam event, and the Wizard Weekend, at opposite ends of the October half term week - for more photos of the loco from these events, click on the links above.

This next set of photos were all taken on the evening of the 7th November, when a BBLS/SVRA night-shoot at Sheffield Park saw Leander posed with the Pullmans.

The view from inside the Park box - my tripod gave me just enough height to get the nameplate above the instrum ent shelf!

Next stop Euston? Shame about the fairy lights though! Note the white backlights of the down inner-home signals in the centre of the picture.

On the 13th November, No.5690 works away from Holywell with the 3pm from Sheffield Park.

Same location, same loco, same day, different trains! Two views of Leander with the 1pm (left) and 3pm (right) on Sun day 14th November on Fireslip. Unfortunately the 3pm was running about half an hour late, but there was still just enough light left to take the picture!

And finally, a picture that's not quite as it seems! Although the loco was shut off well before the photo was taken, thanks to the wonders of photo-editing software, a crisp white exhaust magically appears...

A few videos of Leander are available here.


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