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Miscellaneous 2004 Page 5

Not many railways can offer 3 to 5 locos in steam every weekend throughout the Autumn, but the Bluebell is one! To prove the point, on the 10th October, we had No.672 running footplate courses at Horsted Keynes...

...No.73082 'Camelot' on the Golden Arrow lunch train, which had been supplemented with the 'Blood and Custard' FO...

...No.80151 was in charge of one of the service trains...

...while No.65 was on the vintage set, seen here arriving into Platform 2 at Horsted Keynes due to engineering work at the north of the station that was underway at the time.

These three images were all taken on the 7th November, and feature Terrier No.672 'Fenchurch' crossing Monteswood Lane with the Mets.

Also on the 7th November, No.80151 simmers in Sheffield Park yard having completed its work for the day.
< br> No.65 passes Nobles with an Empty Stock working on the afternoon of the 13th November.

No.75027 approaches Horsted Keynes with the afternoon 'Golden Arrow' working on the 14th November.

< a href="k11.jpg">
Two views of No.473 'Birch Grove' being used for Footplate Experience at Horsted Keynes on the 14th November.

Fresh from a spell in the loco-works, West Country Pacific 'Blackmoor Vale' darkens the sky as it arrives at Horsted Keynes with a Christmas Golden Arrow working on the 5th December.

< a href="k14.jpg"> Glimpsed through the trees on the cold and still morning of December 11th, No.75027 nears Horsted Keynes with a Santa Special from Sheffield Park.

Two views of No.80151 later the same day. On the left, a photo that illustrates the spacious nature of Horsted Keynes station as a Santa Special arrives; and right, the return working of the same train departs Kingscote.

No.75027 works a Santa Special up Freshfield Bank under a threatening sky on the 19th December.

Jon Bowers Bluebell Railway Photos


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