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Vintage Trains 2004

The period after Christmas up to and including the New Year holiday saw the running of the usual Vintage Trains, a nd the weather was sunny, for a few days at least!

The first day of Vintage Trains running was Monday 27th December, and No.672 is seen here drawing the Mets out of storage in the C&W shed at Horsted Keynes, as No.65 heads for Sheffield Park with the empty s tock of the other service set.

Once the ECS working mentioned above reached Sheffield Park, No.96 could make its way to Horsted Keynes for the Monday shunt. These three shots show it arriving and running round part of the Pullman set at Horsted Keynes.

No.65 heads the 11am from Sheffield Park over New Coombe bridge.

Back at Horsted Keynes, No.96 takes on water before heading back to Sheffield Park to collect the remainder of the Pullman set and the Observation car.

A quick drive down to Freshfields during the PW gang lunchbreak resulted in these two shots of No.65 and 672 with their respective trains.

As the sun dips behind the trees, Fenchurch heads the 4pm from Sheffield Park up Freshfield Bank.

The next day, the 28th December, the PW gang were working on Freshfield Bank, hence the following shots of trains passing us by.

Jon Bowers Bluebell Railway Photos


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