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Branch Line Weekend 2005

Branch Line Weekend 2005 was held over the 26th and 27th February 2005, with the star attraction being th e newly repainted E4 No.32473. Unfortunatley, the weather was decidely wintery, with occasional sunny spells giving way to heavy snow showers!

It was snowing quite heavily When I arrived at Horsed Keynes early on the Sunday morning, but by the time No.32473 arrived light-engine at 9.30, much of it had melted. Here No.32473 simmers at the head of the milk-train as the station staff get to work clear ing the platforms of the remaining snow.

The sun only made a brief appearance, and 5 minutes later, as No.32473 shunted the stock out of Platform 2, the dark skies were building again!

By the time No.65 arrived from Sheffield Park with the first train of the day, the sun was out again. The train is seen here departing for Kingscote.

A heavy snowshower greeted the passing of the next train, headed by the Dukedog, but by the time No.96 arrived at 11.15, the sun was shining again!

After another passing shower, Terriers Nos.55 and 672 climb away from Leamland Bridge with the 1.25pm from Sheffield Park.

I was very lucky to get this one in the sun! No.32473 and the 3.30pm from Kingscote pass West Hoathly.

Jon Bowers Bluebell Railway Photos


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