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Photos taken on Sunday the Sunday 19th November 2000

Below : Early on in the mor ning, before all the problems of the day unfolded, 21C123 'Blackmoor Vale' climbs away from Leamland Bridge with the 9.35 from Sheffield Park. Although not LBSCR, I was the last person complaining !

Below : Running about 10 minutes, the pairing of two visiting Terriers work hard to accelerate away from the permanent way slack on the 1 in 63 past Horsted House farm. They are W11 'Newport' from the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, and No.2678 'Knowle' from the Kent and East Sussex. Knowle was later to run out of water near Sharpthorne Tunnel, upsetting the timetable for the rest of the day.

As a result of this failure, 'Blackmoor Vale' couldn't return to Horsted Keynes, and so the next nort hbound train terminated there, which was headed by W8 and No.473 'Birch Grove'. It was decided that No.473 would go and rescue the failed train. However, as W8 only had air breaks, it was unable to work back to Sheffield Park with the vacuum breaked train, and so had to wait (below left) for No.473 to return. The pair are seen (below middle) accelerating downgrade away from Horsted Keynes. Later on (bottom), they climb past Holywell on the return journey.

Below : The Pullman departure left Sheffield Park almost two hours late as a result of the difficulties. However, it if had been on time, the sun wouldn't have been shining, and this picture of 21C1 23 heading the train at Holywell would not have been possible. The vehicle immediately behind the locomotive is the 1903 built Semi-Royal saloon, which had only entered service a week earlier after being purchased by a Bluebell member.

Below left : Stepney was coupled to No.65 and the pair worked the Ashburies and Observation car, seen here climbing towards Caseford Bridge. Below left, at about ten to three, W8 and 473 rattle down the 1 in 75 towards Sheffield Park.


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