Photos taken on Saturday 17th February 2001

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The landslip near Kingscote station that had disrupted the "Santa Special" trains had not been repaired in time for the 2001 Winter Steam Up, held over the weekend of Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th February. As a result, an intensive service operated between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes, featuring locomotives all over 100 years old.

Above : O1 Class No.65 works hard to build up speed after a 5mph speed restriction south of Holywell. The train is the 9.45 from Sheffield Park, made up of the Bulleid set.

Above : No.473 "Birch G rove" coasts down the 1 in 75 at Holywell with the 10.05 from Horsted Keynes.

Nos.672 "Fenchurch" and W8 "Freshwater" worked the 10.30 from Sheffield Park [above left, approaching New Road bridge], which became the 11.23 from Horsted Keynes [above right, just after crossing New Road bridge]. No.672 had only returned to service a week earlier, after an overhaul which had seen the locomotive back-converted from A1X to A1 specification.

Above left : No.55 "Stepney" was the fourth Terrier to be involved in the event, and made its first appearance of the weekend when it piloted No.65 on the 1.25 from Sheffield Park. Above right : W11 "Newport" leads No.473 as the pair storm up the 1 in 75 past Nobles with the 2.35.

Above left : W8 leads 672 down the 1 in 75 towards Caseford bridge - thanks to the crew for putting on steam for a few seconds !! Abov e right : Nos. 55 and 65 were paired together again to work the 3.10 from Sheffield Park, seen approaching Horsted Keynes.


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