1940's WEEKEND
Photos taken on Sunday 16th September 2001

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Over the weekend of Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of September 2001, an intensive timetable was operated for a 1940's weekend. A variety of locomotives a coaching stock were used, and though not all dated from the 1940's, I was the last person complaining !!

The first servi ce train of the Sunday was the 10.05 from Sheffield Park. Headed by 9F No.92240, it is seen here near Lindfield Wood.

Motive power for the 11.30 was provided by West Country Class 'Blackmoor Vale'. The locomotive has just shut off, after cresting Freshfield Bank.

The 12.08 from Kingscote was double-headed by the LBSCR duo of Terrier No. 672 'Fenchurch', and E4 No.473 'Birch Grove'. They are seen here crossing Otye Bridge near the Treemains foot crossing. This picture was an example of luck favouring the photographer - the sun raced the train across the field in the background, and just beat it to the camera - and wasn't I pleased !!

The 12.50 train from Sheffield Park comprised the Golden Arrow Pullman set as well as the Vintage Branchline coaches - the load presented no problems for No.92240, seen here near Freshfields.

BR 4MT No.75027 took charge of the above train at Kingscote, working it back to Sheffield Park. It then returned with the same set to Kingscote as the 2.50 departure, seen here making light work of the 1 in 75 Freshfield Bank.

Nos.672 and 473 are seen again, this time with the 2.48 from Kingscote at Freshfields.

This time, I was not so fortunate with the light as 21C123 passed Holywell with the 4.50pm from Sheffield Park. All in all though, a great day - so I can't really complain - congratulations to all involved.

Ian Bowskill has some further pictures from this event here.


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