Giants of Steam 2002
Photos taken on Saturday 26th October 2002

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Although the failure of visiting Bulleid West Country Class Pacific No.34027 'Taw Valley' meant that the planned double-headed trains failed to run, an intensive service including evening running, the 9F making 4 trips of the line with a lengthy goods train, combined with some glorious weather on the Saturday, led to a very memorable day at the lineside.

Two shots of No.34027 with un-rebuilt classmate Blackmoor Vale in the yard at Sheffield Park.

BR Standard Class 4 No.75027 heads the 10.25 service away from Sheffield Park across Poleay bridge.

West Country Class No.21C123 'Blackmoor Vale', complete with Atlantic Coast Express headboard, makes light work of Freshfield Bank with the 11.05am.

For me the highlight of the gala was the 9F hauled goods train. The second trip of the day is seen here making good progress up Freshfield Bank behind No.92240.

The 1.25 from Sheffield Park runs out of Ketches wood and onto Freshfield Bank.

The same location for the 2.35pm goods, with 92240 looking totally at home on the job it was built for. A superb sight.

The last goods train of the day is seen climbing Freshfield bank, a short distance to the north of the previous photo.

58 years separates the two Brighton built tanks Nos. 473 and 80151. On the Saturday evening, No.473 was being lit up to work the vintage branchline train on the Sunday, while 80151 had just arrived on shed after its days duties.

A further two photos after dark of rebuilt West Country Pacific No.34027 'Taw Valley' and unrebuilt classmate No.21C123 'Blackmoor Vale' at Sheffield Park.


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