Railway at War Weekend
Photos taken on Saturday 10th May 2003

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Saturday 10th May 2003 was the first day of the 'Railway at War' weekend, and an intensive train service was in operation, with Nos. 96, 672, 55, 65, 73082, 80151 and 21C123 all being in steam. However the various 1940's cameo scenes stole the show in my opinion, and thus this page is rather biased towards them.

The USA tank, repainted into its wartime livery, was on display in the Sheffield Park car park, along with a selection of Military Vehicles and displays.

Refreshments were provided outside a sand-bagged Sheffield Park station.

LBSCR Terrier No.55 'Stepney' carried 'Brighton Works' lettering.

Winston Churchill and guards arrived behind the O1 on the 10.45 from Horsted Keynes to take delivery of t he USA tank from the American Commander.

There were many more displays at Horsted Keynes, including the Girls Land Army and more military vehicles. No.80151 can also be glimpsed in the background at the head of a lengthy goods train.

During a light shower in the afternoon, No.80151 passes a clump of bluebells at Tremains while working a freight towards Sheffield Park.

All in all, a wonderful portrayal of the days when the railway was the 'lifeline of the country'.


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