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Welcome to this small selection of videos taken over the past few years. The videos are displayed in the order in which they were recorded, with the most recent at the top of the page.

No.32473 - 3 views
18th September 2005


No.75027 - 3 views
17th September 2005


No.41312 - 2 views
17th September 2005


No.65 at Nobles
13th November 2004

17 seconds

No.5690 at Vaux End
13th November 2004

15 second s

Nos.75027 and 5690
Departing Horsted Keynes, as No.73082 leaves for Kingscote.

24th October 2004

45 seconds

9017 and 75027 at Sheffield Park
23rd October 2004

33 seconds

5690 departing Sheffield Park
23rd October 2004

26 seconds

73082 at Ketches
In the wind and rain!

23rd October 2004

33 seconds

No.9017 at Holywell
1st September 2004

33 seconds

Nos.672 and 7742 at Leamland
1st September 2004

27 seconds

Nos.7742 and 672 at Vaux End
1st September 2004

24 seconds

No.73082 leaves Horsted Keynes
1st September 2004

31 seconds

No.9 6 at Freshfields
28th February 2004

32 seconds

No.65 at Ketches
28th February 2004

30 seconds

No.60800 at Holywell
25th October 2003

38 seconds
1.7Mb< /b>

No.73082 with goods at Holywell
25th October 2003

22 seconds

A bit of fun at Horsted Keynes
June 2003

40 seconds

21C123 north of Horsted Keynes
Footplate scenes
May 2003

64 seconds

No.473 at West Hoathly
22nd February 2003

14 seconds

No.41312 at Deans Crossing
22nd February 2003

27 seconds

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