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Tr(ack) Action Appeal Those of you who have travelled on the Bluebell Railway recently will have noticed there are sections of the line where the journey is a little uneven. This is due to track wear. The Railway wishes to accelerate its programme of track renewal; thus we have launched the Tr(ack) Action Appeal to raise funds to do so. In addition to improving passenger comfort the renewed track will reduce maintenance costs on locomotives and carriages.

Tr(ack) Action Appeal Video Nicholas Owen's Video, which we urge you to watch, gives a valuable insight into to what is involved in track and wheel repair.

Parts of our Railway's track dates back to before the Preservation Society was formed. It is a tribute to those that built it and our maintenance teams over the years that it has lasted this long. It will last even longer but at a cost. Not just in the ride passenger get but also in the wear on locomotive and rolling stock springs and wheels.
Many people are unaware that steel wheels have steel tyres. These wear through use particularly going rounds curves - there are very few straight sections on our Railway!

Track wear The cost of a new set of tyres on a carriage can run into five figures and to six figures for a locomotive. Therefore new and smooth track can save a lot of money.
Our target for the Appeal is £250,000. In February 2018 we were able to replace over half a mile of track north around Rock Cutting, and then another shorter stretch in early March. Further money is urgently needed to help fund further track renewals. We do hope we can have your support.

So please help us to improve the state of our track, and donate now.

For over five decades the Bluebell Railway has been serving the community.
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Tr(ack) Action Appeal
Rail Wear
Track alignment - Dave Wilson - 5 June 2017
Track Wear

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