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video/ 000_0234.MOV
Normandy and the Crane
3444 KB twpudd 03/28/2004
image/ 1.00p.m.jpg
The J. Moore gang have lunch while 9F tests our handywork.
94 KB davebowles2000 09/05/2002
image/ 100 Seaters ready for tomoorow.jpg
100 Seaters at HK ready for tomorrow
71 KB david2ps2ls 04/19/2003
image/ 21C123 group.JPG
Group of blokes on 21C123
155 KB hooliganbrian 10/26/2003
image/ 21C123.jpg
21C123 departs Sheffield Park during the 40's weekend. 16/9/01
65 KB raf92squadron 09/17/2001
image/ 3217 Boiler.jpg
3217 boiler in front of workshop
77 KB david2ps2ls 04/19/2003
image/ 34027.jpg
Taw Valley (as 34045) in the rain at Horsted Keynes this morning.
95 KB jonpbowers 10/20/2002
image/ 41312+672.jpg
41312 and 672 (FDW) at HK
56 KB david2ps2ls 02/17/2003
image/ 41312.jpg
41312 at the park
77 KB david2ps2ls 02/17/2003
image/ 41312a.jpg
41312 at the park
58 KB david2ps2ls 02/17/2003
image/ 41312aa.jpg
If you have not decided to visit this weekend perhaps this may encourage you to
94 KB davebowles2000 02/19/2003
image/ 41312ba.jpg
If you were coming for a day, why not make it two?
117 KB davebowles2000 02/19/2003
image/ 473_Ropley_260903.jpg
Birch Grove at Ropley MPD this morning
88 KB jonpbowers 09/26/2003
image/ 473_m4m.jpg
Just after 6pm this evening, and Birch Grove catches the evening sun as she works a goods into Medstead and Four Marks, Mid Hants Rly.
92 KB jonpbowers 09/28/2003
image/ 55 with the goods.jpg
Sunday BLW - 55 with the goods
107 KB david2ps2ls 02/23/2003
image/ 60800_montage_121003.jpg
Photo montage of 60800 at Horsted today. Will try and upload some 'normal' pics to my website tomorrow.
115 KB jonpbowers 10/12/2003
image/ 65 departing with 1_07.jpg
Sunday BLW - 65 departing with 1_07 down train
114 KB david2ps2ls 02/23/2003
image/ 65 waiting with 1_07 down train.jpg
Sunday BLW - 65 waiting with 1_07 down train
111 KB david2ps2ls 02/23/2003
image/ 672473A.jpg
672 and 473 at SP, 9 Feb 2002
104 KB warlsrfz 02/18/2002
image/ 672_aged.jpg
One for Simon, a digitally 'dehanced' (!) image of 672 at Kingscote. Is this archive enough for your liking, or do I need to put in a few marks and scratches ?!
79 KB jonpbowers 02/15/2003
image/ 80151 with 10_41 to the Park.jpg
80151 with 10_41 to the Park
66 KB david2ps2ls 02/22/2003
image/ 80151.jpg
80151 at Kingscote with 1st service train of the day
71 KB david2ps2ls 02/17/2003
image/ 80151_goods.jpg
80151 heads the 12.47 goods from Kingscote past Freshfields, 28/7/2 (a full photo-report will appear in about a week once I've got my second film developed !).
127 KB jonpbowers 07/29/2002
image/ 96 + Mets as 3_07 from the Park.jpg
96 + Mets as 3_07 from the Park
70 KB david2ps2ls 02/22/2003
image/ 96_Mets_at_KC.jpg
96 + Mets at KC
59 KB david2ps2ls 02/22/2003
image/ 96 takes water at KC.jpg
96 takes water at KC
71 KB david2ps2ls 02/22/2003
image/ 9f.jpg
The much lamented 9F looking perfect on a goods working.
84 KB davebowles2000 12/20/2002
image/ BLW1.jpg
Branch Line Weekend - Saturday. Fenchurch sports 'L B & S C R' lettering
77 KB davebowles2000 02/22/2003
image/ BLW2.jpg
Branch Line Weekend - Saturday. The O1 takes the 9.30 Goods from the Park.
89 KB davebowles2000 02/22/2003
image/ BULLEIDS.jpg
2nd time lucky! 21C123 leads 34081 at Three Arch Bridge. 22/7/01
65 KB raf92squadron 09/17/2001
image/ Birch Grove & Fenchurch.jpg
Birch Grove & Fenchurch
183 KB susamb798 07/08/2003
image/ Birch Grove with Goods.jpg
Birch Grove on the second leg of her two centre holiday, looks happy with a goods on the Mid Hants today (28.9.03)
173 KB davebowles2000 09/28/2003
image/ Chunnet black lion.jpg
A very nice place!
78 KB davebowles2000 05/03/2002
image/ Dock.jpg
Checking clearances of the dock siding at HK, Monday 9/12/02
64 KB davebowles2000 12/15/2002
image/ Drainage.jpg
PW work Sunday 6/7/03
137 KB davebowles2000 07/06/2003
image/ Dukedog passing Newark.jpg
The one you've been waiting for. Dukedog being tested/tweaked/running in, today 9/10.
112 KB davebowles2000 10/09/2003
image/ Engine Shed Wall.jpg
Progress on the engine shed wall
66 KB david2ps2ls 04/19/2003
image/ FENCHURCH.jpg
291 KB susamb798 08/17/2001
image/ Fenchurch at Twisk 20 May 2002.jpg
Fenchurch pauses at Twisk Station (Netherlands) on Twinning Day 20May2002. Photo courtesy of Willy Haarsma.
104 KB bluebellsheffield 05/27/2002
image/ Fenchurch at Twisk2 20 May 2002.jpg
Close up of Fenchurch's smoke box on Twinning Day 20May2002. Photo: Willy Haarsma
58 KB bluebellsheffield 05/27/2002
image/ FenchurchMets.jpg
What a great Railway! Fenchurch with the Mets last Sunday.
94 KB davebowles2000 09/26/2002
image/ FenchurchMets2.jpg
Fenchurch, the Mets and a new signal. 11/10/02
99 KB davebowles2000 10/12/2002
image/ FenchurchP.jpg
Fenchurch and the P class pass Bodiam Castle on the KESR 5/10/02
54 KB davebowles2000 10/10/2002
image/ FenchurchStepney.jpg
The Mets and Fenchurch had to be supplemented with Stepney and a 100 seater on the second trip 22/9/02
65 KB davebowles2000 10/10/2002

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