The first "big" engine which the Bluebell Railway acquired.  In service at the moment, but no longer the biggest engine!

Stabled in Sheffield Park yard, 21.12.89.

In the same spot, over ten years later, Summer 2001.

25th November 2001, at Sheffield Park...

...ready to depart north...

...for Kingscote.  Almost looks ready to head on to East Grinstead!

Coupling up to the observation coach.

Ready to return south to Horsted Keynes.

Undergoing maintenance, 06.05.02.

Seen from the public footpath north of Horsted Keynes, 20.07.02.

In Sheffield Park station, 10.10.02, waiting....

...to be shunted by 96 'Normandy'.

Arriving at Sheffield Park with the last train of the evening, 18th April 2003.

Being uncoupled from the LNER director's saloon.

Returning to the shed yard at the end of the day.

Basking in the evening sun, 18th April 2003.

75027 arrives with the Golden Arrow lunchtime dining train, 14th November 2004

Running around the Golden Arrow

75027 with Golden Arrow regalia shining in the afternoon sun

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