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Could you help us?

Tr(ack) Action Appeal Video
Funding for the Future

The Current Fundraising Appeal is to
raise money to relay sections of our track. Please donate here.

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There are many way in which you could support the railway. First, though, it is probably useful to explain a little about our organisation. The Railway is essentially operated by its volunteers, managed by volunteer directors, most of whom are also Trustees of the Preservation Society (BRPS), who are elected by the membership. The Preservation Society is the majority shareholder in the not-for-profit company (Bluebell Railway PLC) which runs the railway, and thus BRPS controls the PLC.

Join the Society

The most fundamental support you can give is through joining the BRPS, and in this way you become a part of the heart of the Railway. It is from the large supporting membership that the railway draws its strength. In exchange for your membership you receive our quarterly magazine, Bluebell News and various other benefits as set out on the membership page.

Become a volunteer

Membership is a precondition of working on the railway as a volunteer. By becoming involved not only can you put a lot more into the railway, but you'll also get a lot out of it. Whilst the Railway has some full-time staff, most functions are undertaken by volunteers (and indeed many aspects are handled exclusively by volunteers). The railway could not operate without its volunteers. There is a niche for everyone, with an enormous variety of roles to be undertaken.

Support via the Bluebell Railway Trust

Our own Registered Charity, No.292497, The Bluebell Railway Trust is able to accept legacies, covenants, gift-aid donations or CAF vouchers, either for the Trust's general funds or for specific projects which fall within its remit. Some fund raising appeals are undertaken through the Trust, and the ability for the Trust to reclaim £25 of tax on every £100 given under Gift Aid, together with the potential projects which legacies (exempt of inheritance tax) enable us to undertake, are some of the principal benefits the Trust brings.
A donation form is available (you can specify which project you'd like the funds to go to) or you can give on-line.

Current Fundraising Appeal
Join us - Volunteer - Bluebell Trust (Donate) - Shareholder - Appeals - Shop and second hand - EasyFundraising

As a shareholder in the PLC

Although the BRPS is the majority shareholder in the PLC, many individuals, often also members of the Society, are also shareholders. This has been a useful method of raising capital for the expansion of the railway. The 2008 share offer has now closed, having raised significant capital towards the completion of the extension to East Grinstead.

We would now encourage potential donors to donate via the Trust, if at all possible, with the advantage of being able to reclaim Gift Aid in many cases.

Support one of our Fund-Raising appeals

Current Fundraising Appeal
Join us - Volunteer - Bluebell Trust (Donate) - Shareholder - Appeals - Shop and second hand - EasyFundraising

Buy your railway books, videos and DVDs through our Shop at Sheffield Park, or
Second hand items are sold through the Carriage Shop at Horsted Keynes, with all profits going to projects on the railway.

Use EasySearch for your internet searches - we get money for every search you make! - bookmark this link.

Visit EasyFundraising (you need to sign up to support the Bluebell Railway). This is another way of supporting us at no cost to yourself. Through this portal you will find many on-line retailers, shops, hotels and other suppliers who are prepared to donate to us when you buy something through this link.

eBay for Charity
We regret that a change in policy at PayPal Giving now prevents us taking advantage of this scheme.

Used Postage Stamps
Unfortunately the collection of used postage stamps to raise funds has had to be suspended on the advice of the Charity Commission, in the light of apparent fraudulent processing of used stamps to make them appear new and being sold on as such.

Current Fundraising Appeal
Join us - Volunteer - Bluebell Trust (Donate) - Shareholder - Appeals - Shop and second hand - EasyFundraising


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