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This page features photos from March and April 2002. Photos from later in the year continue here.

On Sunday 3rd March, the first Sunday of the full running line being re-opened after work on the Fire Slip north of Horsted Keynes, SER O1 Class No.65 drifts into Kingscote with the 12.30 from Sheffield Park.

A little later, BR Class 5 No.73082 'Camelot' lifts the Golden Arrow's first run of the day away from the signal cabin and into Kingscote station.

The deceptively powerful LSWR B4 No. 96 'Normandy' of 1893 goes in search of her next shunting assignment at Horsted Keynes, and then is seen with a works train passing Holywell under a very murky sky.

No.80151 sits on the Golden Arrow Sunday Lunch train at Kingscote while waiting for No.92240 to arrive on a service train, clearing the single line to Horsted Keynes . 7/4/2.

Two shots of LBSCR No.473 'Birch Grove' at Kingscote, at the head of the 3.00 train on Sunday 7th April 2002.

No.80151 departs with the Golde n Arrow, and BR 2-10-0 9F No.92240 runs round her train at Kingscote, under the watchful gaze of the Kingscote track-gang.

Birch Grove departs from Kingscote with the 4.59 train on Sunday 7th April 2002.

No.80151 leaves Horsted Keynes with a Footplate Days and Ways working, Friday 12th April 2002.

Terrier No.672 'Fenchurch' was in charge of its own 3 coach train on the same day, seen firstly approaching Horsted Keynes and then storming past Freshfield.

5 shots of No.672 at Horsted Keynes on 'Footplate Days and Ways' duties, Sunday 21st April. Please note that Horsted Keynes yard is not included in the Lineside Permit area - these shots were taken during brief(!) breaks in p-way work.

On the same day, No.73082 is pictured arriving at Horsted Keynes with the 11.00 from Sheffield Park, while 80151 runs through the station with the afternoon Golden Arrow working.

Nos.473 and 65 double-head the 3.00 ex. Kingscote, consisting of a 6 coach vintage branchline set, out of Horsted Keynes.

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