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This page features photos from May 2002 onwards. Photos from March and April can be found here and from September onwards here.

On Sunday 5th May, No.473 headed the early Vintage Branchline working from Horsted Keynes to Kingscote, where i t is seen arriving in Platform 2.

The unusual combination of Terrier No.55 Stepney and West Country Class Pacific 'Blackmoor Vale' were also in action on one of the days service trains, seen here from the currently un-operational Kingscote North Box.

There were plenty of Bluebells in bloom around the station, as can be seen as the pairing run back down to Platform 1, where the two locos would be separated so that No.55 could remain as the pilot engine.

Other locomotives in action on the day were No.73082 on the Golden Arrow and No.92240 on the other service train. The latter is seen entering the station with the 4.00pm from Sheffield Park.

Two shots of O1 No.65 departing Horsted Keynes on Sunday 19th May 2002 with the 3 Mets in tow.

No.473 heads the 10.55 Vintage Branchline Train near Deans Crossing on Sunday 2nd June 2002.

Shortly afterwards No.73082 passes with the 11.00 ex Sheffield Park.

No.80151 was at the head of the combined 'Golden Arrow' and Vintage Branchline train, seen here making light work of the load near Ingwersons.

On Sunday 16th June, 'Invincible' goes ab out shunting the troublesome trucks at Horsted Keynes, during the first Thomas weekend. At short notice, the locomotive was sent over from the Isle of Wight Steam Railway for the event, where it replaced 'Percy', the latter feeling unwell and thus confined to the sidings at Sheffield Park. The 1915 built Hawthorne Leslie locomotive also entertained the crowds by racing departing up trains as far as Leamland Bridge, resulting in some great sound-effects (and slips !!) from the service train locomotives.

BR 4MT No. 75027, back in traffic after a few months in the Sheffield Park works, is seen here easing the Golden Arrow out of Sheffield Park on Sunday 14th July.

BR 9F No. 92240 departs Horsted Keynes with an afternoon train to Kingscote, 18th August.

Two shots of SER O1 Class No.65 at Horsted Keynes with the 10.25 Vintage Branchline Train to Kingscote on Sunday 25th August.

Two shots of No.92240 bursting out of Sharpthorne Tunnel on Sunday 1st September. Please note that the section of line immediately north of the tunnel is not included in the lineside permit area - these shots were taken during p-way work.

Nos. 55 and 65 were also in action, double-heading the Vintage Branchline Train.

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