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This page features photos from April to August 2003. Photos from January to April, including a photo-charter with No.672 'Fenchurch' and the Mets, can be found here.

On Sunday 20th April, No.73082 'Camelot' climbs past Three Arch bridge on the approach to Hor sted Keynes with the 2.30pm Golden Arrow from Sheffield Park.

No.65 arrives at Kingscote with the 10.25 Vintage Branchline service from Horsted Keynes, and passes the bluebells while running round.

BR image at Kingscote on Sunday 4 th May as 73082 arrives with a service train while 80151 prepares to depart with a combined Golden Arrow/VBT working.

West Country No.21C123 'Blackmoor Vale' passes the signal cabin at Kingscote with an afternoon train from Sheffield Park.

Later in the afternoon, No.73082 runs towards the station.

Southern atmosphere at Horsted Keynes as Blackmoor Vale arrives with the 12.00 ex. Sheffield Park on Sunday 25th May.

An unusual view of No.80151 arriving from Kingscote with the VBT/Golden arrow. The pway gang had taken shelter from one of the afternoon's heavy thunderstorms in this brakevan, and I'd spotted the photo-op portunity !

Later that afternoon, No. 73082 departs from Horsted Keynes with a train for Kingscote.

On Sunday 8th June, No.73082 heads the 12.30pm Golden Arrow service from Sheffield Park, working hard to make up lost time at Ketches. Later on in the afternoon, we were treated to a fly-past by arrows of the red variety, presumably on their way to the Biggin Hill airshow.

A peaceful lunch-hour with the p-way gang at Ketches Halt was interrupted by the passage of service trains, one of which was headed southwards by No.473.

On Sunday 29th June, a certain blue engine potters about, headed for the assembled crowd on platform 1, where a queue was forming for footplate visits.

No.65 heads the last vintage train of the day into Horsted Keynes on Sunday the 20th July, and the following week is seen arriving at Kingscote with the early morning train from Horsted Keynes.

On the afternoon of the 27th of July, 'Sharpthorn' is seen in front of the snowplough which had been painted into a wartime livery for a filming job a few months previously.

P-way work on the 3rd August enabled these shots of No.21C123 to be taken on the section south of Sharpthorn e tunnel that is not covered by the normal lineside photographic permit.

No.21C123 Blackmoor Vale simmers at Kingscote after arriving with the 3pm from Sheffield Park on Sunday 3rd August. An hour later, No.75027 drifts into Platform 1 with the last train of the day.

The view through the Guard's door as No.73082 runs round at Kingscote on Sunday 10th August.


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