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The Bluebell Railway Trust Funding Criteria

A number of questions have been asked about how The Bluebell Railway Trust decides which projects to support by way of funding and the following is a summary of the criteria operated by the Trust's Governors for this purpose.

1. The Trust operates its "general fund" together with separate "restricted funds" where monies are raised or donated for particular projects, and "designated funds" where a discretionary allocation from general funds has been agreed by the Trust to a project but not yet spent.

Where the Trust is used by other groups for fund raising purposes all fundraising material and documentation must be approved by the Trust before being issued.

2. Gift Aid claims are made on both general fund and restricted fund donations. Individual donors should complete and submit a Gift Aid form if tax can be reclaimed.

3. Legacies can be received into the Trust for either the general fund or restricted funds.

4. Current and potential projects are reviewed by the Trust Governors on a regular basis at their meetings throughout the year. Elected representatives from the BRPS to the Trust attend and contribute to these meetings.

5. Assets in Trust ownership receive priority for funding over assets owned by other organisations.

6. Where an application is received from the Bluebell Railway for funding, the project must not only fall within the Trust's principal objectives but expenditure must also be outside of the Bluebell Railway's own budget and be likely to remain so.

In this way, the Trust is used to enhance or support existing projects but is not a substitute source of funds for Bluebell Railway unbudgeted expenditure or general maintenance costs.

7. All projects for items located on the Bluebell Railway must firstly be approved by the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society. This ensures that any work or resources allocated to the project fall within the Railway's current or future operating plans and do not interfere with the best use of financial and man power resources as well as locomotive or carriage and wagon workshop programmes.

Further details of how these principals are applied may be found in the Trust's Governance and Management Regulations

Using the above criteria The Bluebell Railway Trust has provided the means for substantial funds to be raised for example in relation to track renewal, the overhaul of 'Stowe', 'Sir Archibald Sinclair' and other locomotives, the Horsted Keynes carriage shed, the Woodpax project, the Atlantic Locomotive project and other restricted funds as well as providing financial support for research, training, welfare and volunteer facilities, buildings and structures, and rolling stock that would otherwise be unlikely to find funds or restoration time within the Railway's budget in the near future if at all.


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