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LNWR rolling stock on The Bluebell Railway

NLR Tank locomotive North London Railway Goods Tank

Class: 75
Wheels: 0-6-0T
Built: 1880
Numbers carried: NLR: 76, 116, LNWR: 2650, LMS: 7505, 27505, BR: 58850
Web Page for Loco No.58850

LNWR Observation Car London & North Western Railway Observation Coach No 1503

Built: 1913 at Wolverton
Original No: 1503
Other Nos: LMS: 5316, 15843, BR: M15843M
Seating: 72 3rd class, reversible seats
Length: 57'
Weight: 28 tons
Withdrawn: 1958
Preserved: 1963
To Bluebell: 24/2/1963
Web Page for Carriage No.1503

LNWR Semi-Royal Saloon London & North Western Railway Semi-Royal Saloon No 806

Built: 1903 at Wolverton
Original No: 74
Other Nos: 5074 (1910) LMS: 10506 (1924), 806 (1933)
Length: 57'
Withdrawn: 1971
Preserved: c.1973
To Bluebell: 10/2000
Web Page for carriage No.806

We have one other major LNWR artefact. Because the LNWR and the LBSCR both used Fox's 8' plate bogies, when we needed a 48' carriage underframe for our LBSCR bogie carriage, the solution was found by shortenning a redundant 50' ex-war-dept LNWR underframe. We have been unable to establish what coach this underframe came from, but it was a 50' brake coach.

See the web page on the restoration of No.7598 for more details.

For more information about the LNWR, see the LNWR Society web site.
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