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The Bluebell Standard

News from the Bluebell Railway Standard Class 2 Project - 2002

frames and boiler In Sheffield Park yard.  Work is proceeding on parts of the frames.  Her boiler is in the background under the green tarpaulin.  The wheels in front are those of the new Brighton Atlantic's tender.
Photo: Jon Horrocks, 31.03.02.

frames and wheels

The view from the other end, showing some of 78059's wheels.  The tank engine behind is P-class 31178.
Photo: Jon Horrocks, 20.07.02.

Progress so far

Work at present is concerned with inspection, refurbishment and refitting valve gear.  New parts are being made for the rear pony truck and attention is also being given to the frames (chassis) with a view to putting back the wheels, which have already been repaired and the axles ultrasonically tested.

The frames need to be extended by about 8 feet.  This will be made as a separate unit complete with a rear buffer beam and the assembly welded to the existing frames by a certified welder.  This practice was commonly used as a method of repair by Britain's railways.  Completion of the new rear pony truck, for which we already have the wheels, axle boxes, springs and a number of smaller parts, will produce the "rolling chassis".  Work will then concentrate on making the new water tanks, cab and coalbunker. 

The last item to be repaired will be the boiler, which preliminary inspections have shown is very worthy of repair.


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