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Communications: Recognise need to improve information flow to members and volunteers and to make more use of modern communication tools. Summary of Trustees meeting to be posted to notice boards after each meeting and included in Richard Salmon's news updates. Barry Coward to be Volunteer Press Officer.

Report from Bluebell Railway Trust Trust had met once during the year. Funds were £188k but most of this was reserved for EG Station or Brighton Atlantic. Grants made during year to Stroudley 1st, Brighton Box Van, HK Canopy, LCDR 4-wheel brake and for NRM drawings. Planning to register with US Govt so that it can claim Tax Credits on donations from the USA. Another legacy was in the pipeline but details were not yet available

Extension: Very pleased with decision from Rail Regulator but we've still to re-open negotiations with Network Rail and we will have to go through the same consultation process with the Rail Regulator. Likely to be restrictions on use of land as Network Rail were entitled to compensation from SRA as a result of the blocked sale. Contractors had completed work on viaduct outer walls and fencing. Inner walls, drainage and waterproofing to be done - hopefully by volunteers. Workshop planned with 4 independent people with experience in obtaining Land Fill Tax credits. Consultants report had confirmed it's possible to remove only some of the tip, but this was not an ideal solution.

Woodpax: Contracts exchanged on 16th January, completion set for 26th March. Need to raise £318k in 2 months. Letters to those who pledged asking for money. Operation Undercover appeal brochure being printed, to go to all members who did not pledge and also included in March `Heritage Railway'.

Finance: 2003 budget very tight. Charter and filming business declined in 2002 in line with downturn in economy and we could not depend on this for 2003.

Society Rules: About a dozen responses to the consultation draft and most comments were useful and helped to improve the text. Revised draft to be circulated to members with formal notice of EGM.

Volunteer Resources: Plans for Volunteering Weekends now finalised. Need representatives from each Dept to talk about their activities and "sell" their Dept. New brochure produced - to go out to all new members. Sinclair Vincent focussing on recruiting younger volunteers.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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