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SUMMARY OF TRUSTEES MEETING held on 14th March 2003

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Sheffield Park Security: Plans presented outlining changes to bottom end of drive so as to install a gate. Car park entrance to be closed and exit widened to become two-way. Car Park may be lined out once work is complete so as to improve parking and accommodate more cars. Height barriers may be retained to provide security in depth but may be moved to loco car park. If Car Park hut retained, it needs to be smartened up.

Operation Undercover: Fund now at £350k (well done everyone!) and completion of purchase of Woodpax on course for 26th March. Trustees recognised efforts made by Nicholas Pryor to secure this purchase. Response was a credit to Society Membership. Working Group had met once to discuss options and a further meeting was planned before next Trustees meeting. Constitutional changes will be needed for the plc before we can apply for HLF funding (similar to the changes the SVR had to go through). Members forum on 26th April to discuss inside layout but shape and design of building is now fixed. Members are also to be given opportunity to discuss content at AGM. Building work started on north end of Running Shed. This will cease on start of daily running and resume in the autumn

Extension: Further meeting of the team of experts planned to create a "How to do" document for removing the tip. EG papers constantly searching for updates. Planned to lay 6 panels of track north of KC soon. Railway had appealed over enforcement notice for hard standing at Kingscote staff car park and public inquiry was set for 19th June. Recent appearance of mountains of new ballast obtained at exceptional price to be used for Freshfield Bank and tracklaying north of Kingscote

Communications: The November Forum was deemed to be a success and a further forum is planned for 26th April, concentrating on Woodpax options Positive feedback on 'Points and Crossings' and the recent Retail reports.

Finance: 2002 accounts still with auditors. Good start for 2003 noted last month has continued but still need to be cautious especially on spending - too early to predict trend. Countryside Agency had given Metrobus a grant for Route 473 for those days when it serves Standen. Part of grant to be used to provide low floor bus. Important to note that bus cannot now be diverted from route or timetable on 'grant' days

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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