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Members' Day: Very good effort and display stands only let down by the low level of interest. Woodpax site tours very popular and a lot of interest generated. Organisers to be invited to next meeting so as to explore future opportunities.

Review of EGM / AGM: Chairman thanked everyone for their input. He had received feedback already saying that it had been one of the best AGMs for some years. Falling attendance needs to be addressed - is this apathy or contentment? Arrangements for new voting procedures to be sorted out well before next AGM and circulated to membership.

Implementation of new rules: All Trustees to resign on block next year as numbers reduced from 12 to 10. Need to formalise sub-committee structures and agreed Terms of Reference for each Committee. Need to avoid Committees that are little more than talking shops and achieve little. Completely revised Articles of Association for the plc to be put to AGM. New articles will take on board previous amendments and will be tidied up.

Trustee Responsibilities: In light of major upheaval next year, little point in making substantial changes. David Tutt to assist Richard Parfitt on Operations (focusing on discipline, timekeeping etc) and Clive Groome's former responsibility to be divided up amongst other Trustees (Kingscote to Chris White; Fire Department to Richard Parfitt; and Museum to Nicholas Pryor). Responsibility for Stepney and 9F Clubs is still under consideration. No changes to Director nominations.

Old Dairy at SP: Noted that this was currently up for sale but for a very high price. May be trying to sell for housing development. Trustees agreed to investigate further.

Long Term Plan: Revised plan to be published next year, Chairman and General Secretary to take this forward.

Next meeting to be a facilitated workshop to discuss volunteer recruitment and resources.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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