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Photos of the Bluebell Railway 2001 "Forties" weekend

The military prepare at Horsted Keynes
The military prepare for the day's activities at Horsted Keynes 16/9/01
Ian Bowskill

21C123 departs from SP
21C123 departs Sheffield Park with an up train 16/9/01
Ian Bowskill

Fenchurch and Birch Grove
"Fenchurch" and "Birch Grove", built in the 19th century, were still going strong in the 1940's, as they are still! Seen on 16/9/01 with the 2.48 from Kingscote.
Jon Bowers

Welcome for Mr Churchill
The Horsted Keynes station-master welcomes Mr Churchill, the Prime Minister. 16/9/01
Ian Bowskill

The Few, with the Prime Minister
Mr Churchill discusses progress in the Battle of Britain with an RAF officer, 16/9/01
Ian Bowskill

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