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Fenchurch's Frames etc, part 2

[Updated 19 May]
Frames news part 1.

Right cabside installed The right cabside unit reinstalled on the frames. Both cabsides have been removed for gritblasting and structural repairs, particularly the right one which had suffered damage from carrying the weight of the Westinhouse pump (for which it had not originally been designed). An extra support for this is also being fitted.

Right cabside repairs A view inside the right cabside splasher box, showing old and new repairs to this section.

Rear right sandbox repairs Repairs in progress on the rear right sandbox. This is the original sandbox, which was superceded by a cast box below the running plate when the locomotive was rebuilt as A1X in 1913. The large roughly-cut hole is for the filler tube for the later sandbox, which came up almost to the old box lid. The smaller hole with bolt holes is where the original sandpipe was fitted. New side plates are being made for this box. (The rectangular hole outside the box is for the handbrake rods.)

Rear right sandbox repairs Repairs in progress on the box in the rear left of the cab. As designed there was rear sanding on the right side only, and it can be seen that there is no original sandpipe hole in the floor this side, only the larger hole for the A1X sandbox filler pipe. The circular cutout in the corner of the top angle is for the cylinder drain taps operating mechanism, and originally also for the rear sanding mechanism. The smaller hole to the rear, with a corresponding hole in the floor, is thought to be for a conduit leading to the electrical communication bell which was mounted above this box.

Cab floor repairs Repairs to the cab floor and bunker front. The floor plates were badly joined together, and have now been re-welded. The line of bolt holes was for joining it to the much thicker plate below which supports the air brake cylinder. The bottom front panel of the bunker has been cut away where it had wasted through each side of the coal-hole door.

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