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Behind Bluebell

Bluebell Railway - 50 years of Progress
Behind Bluebell Open Day

Open Day
Saturday 12th September 2009

Come and discover the Bluebell Railway from a behind the scenes perspective as we open our doors to more behind-the-scenes areas than ever before!

Below are just some of the areas that you'll be able to explore and discover for yourself what makes Bluebell tick: Also about will be people from our membership and volunteer resourcing teams to answer any questions, as well as representatives and stalls from groups that support the Bluebell Railway.

So pop along and see what goes into making your journey an experience!

There is no additional charge to visit behind-the-scenes but you must have a valid ticket for the areas that you wish to visit.
Children (under 16 years) should be accompanied.
Sensible (flat) footwear should be worn at some areas and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted at any time in behind-the-scenes areas.

East Grinstead: Please note that the new station site at East Grinstead is not open as part of this weekend. There is a separate Open Weekend at East Grinstead Station on the weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October.

See also the Facebook Page for this event (for Facebook members)

Please Note: whilst the Bluebell Railway will do its best to provide the attractions described, if necessary they may be subject to alteration without notice. From time-to-time during the day it may become necessary to suspend access to some areas for operational reasons.


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