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32473 with the Bluebells - Tony Pearce - 2005

The Bluebell Railway presents


Sat 26 & Sun 27 April 2008

A chance to say goodby to 32473 ('Birch Grove' - photo right by Tony Pearce) and 55 'Stepney' as they come to the end of their 10-year boiler certificates.

The weekend features five operational locos all built at Brighton, operating an intensive service.

The full locomotive line-up:

Blackmore Vale 4MT tank 80151 Fenchurch Stepney 32473

Stepney with 114 and 661, 4 November 2006 - Jon Bowers

Matt Allen's new book "The Bluebell Railway" (details as pdf) will be launched with a signing in the shop at Sheffield Park on the Saturday of the Built at Brighton weekend (26th April) between 1pm and 3pm. A 144 page photographic journey along the Bluebell Railway, the book is priced at £14.99, and will be available through the Bluebell's shop.

Sunday 27 April: The Social Sub-committee present a Film Show, 7.30pm Bessemer Arms, Sheffield Park Station
This event is open to all Volunteers, Members and the General Public; proceeds will go towards the Northern Extension Tip Removal. Food available in the Bessemer Arms before the show. More details here.

Blackmoor Vale - Derek Hayward Fenchurch with Autumn Tints - 17 Oct 2007 - Andrew Strongitharm Fenchurch and Stepney at West Hoathly - 14 April 2007 - Derek Hayward 80151 heads the lunchtime Golden Arrow - Andrew Strongitharm - 4 Feb 2007

Details of fares (discounted if purchased before 1st April) available here.

Programme guide, and working timetable for the event, priced at £2.00, available in advance or at the event.

First and Last trains

Saturday: First Passenger train ex SP 11:00, arr KC 11:33
      Second Pass ex HK 11:17, arr SP 11:30
      Last Pass ex HK 5:50, arr SP 6:03

Sunday: First train: Goods ex HK 10:25, arr SP 10:40
      First Pass ex SP 11:00, arr KC 11:33
      Second Pass ex HK 11:17, arr SP 11:30
      Last Pass ex HK 5:57, arr SP 6:10

LBSCR E4, 32473 Birch Grove - Tony Pearce


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