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Victorian Evening at the
Bluebell Railway

was on Wednesday 16th May 2001

In July and September each year we now run Victorian Picnic evening trains.

Stepney and Metropolitan Coaches on 1999 Victorian Evening
The Bluebell's Victorian Train is also available for Private Charter.


Victorian Passengers in 1999 Photo: Victorian Evening passengers in 1999 (James Young)

Ron Avery wrote the following after coming on one of our previous Victorian Evenings:

"I would like to say a big "Thank You" to the Bluebell Railway, and I mean Big. Last night my partner and I went to the Victorian Evening train trip and dinner, and you did us proud. Stepney and those wonderful coaches made the train trip a very memorable one, so please thank all at the coach dept for all their hard work, it was a real pleasure to travel in them. Stepney was as good as usual managing to cover young Victorian ladies with steam just in time for the photos.

"The trip to Kingscote was very pleasant and it was nice to see many people waving at the train. What about Kingscote? The new canopy looks great; it's coming together. Well done to the Kingscote team.

"On the way back the sun came out and lit the trees, fields and the odd rabbit. England is a lovely place to be on a summer evening; my carriage was full of costumed ladies and gentleman and we could easily have been back in 1880.

"Then came the meal and it was excellent. The Chef and his staff are to be complemented on it; well done. Then the entertainment, so fitting and enjoyable. But I do have one complaint, the evening was over to soon; 11 pm came all too fast, and it was sadly over.

"Once again 'Thank you all at Bluebell for a memorable time.'

"Oh, by the way, we also won first prize."

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