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Locomotive Works News

Cylinder repair on SECR P-class No.178

The overhaul and return to traffic of this loco in 2010 was covered in the Loco Works Working Group's pages.

During late 2011 it became apparent that this loco's cylinder block was in need of serious attention, and new cylinder liners were ordered. Before they could be fitted, however, matters came to a head when an old patch failed on 26th July 2012, fortunately without causing as much mechanical damage as can sometimes occur in such circumstances.

The damaged cylinder was dismantled the following week to assess its condition. Most of the cylinder block casting was undamaged, and so it was decided that the cylinder could be repaired by fitting the liner which had already been obtained. The work required to bore-out the cylinder was however delayed because the boring equipment required was in use on H-class 263's axleboxes.

By 14 September the new liner had been fitted, and the photos below show the new liner in place, the hole in the casting showing the new liner through it, and 4 days later the hole patched with Belzona and strapping applied to hold the patch. The piston and rod assembly is an old one originally fitted to No.323, which has been cleaned up and machined to fit the linered bore in 178.

Cylinder liner fitted - Lewis Nodes - 14 September 2012 Hole in cylinder with new cylinder liner fitted - Lewis Nodes - 14 September 2012
Hole patched and strap being fitted - Lewis Nodes - 18 September 2012 New piston head - Lewis Nodes - 14 September 2012
Following a test run on 10 October (seen below in Ray Wills' photo), the loco returned to service on the Autumn Tints special service on Monday 15 October 2012.
178 and 263 on their test run - Ray Wills - 10 October 2012

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