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Branch Line Weekend Special Event

This coming weekend (22nd & 23rd February) the Bluebell Railway will be operating a special train service recreating the kind of trains that were once common place on local branch lines in the South East of England

There will be a total of seven steam locomotives taking part in the event ranging from the oldest locomotive "Fenchurch" built in 1872 through to one of the last types of steam locomotives ever built in this country by British Railways in 1957

Of particular interest is a locomotive the Bluebell has borrowed from the Mid Hants Railway, especially for the weekend.

Built in 1952 at Crewe, the "Ivatt" tank engine once operated train services on the Sussex & Surrey branch lines including the Horsham to Guildford line and the Tunbridge Wells / Eastbourne & East Grinstead lines

The engine arrived at Sheffield Park on a low loader for a two-week stay

The weekend will also see the railway use its restored vintage carriages some of which date back to Victorian times and were built in 1898

In addition, special guided tours will take place each day of the carriage workshops at Horsted Keynes, which are not normally open to the public

Plc Chairman Graham Flight said "This really is a very special weekend when we recreate branch line trains that span the period from late Victorian times through to the 1960's and the end of steam in the South of England"

Trains operate from Sheffield Park station every 35 minutes from about 9.30

For more information about train times and details of the Bluebell's special bus service from East Grinstead, telephone 01825 720800

News Release issued by
Tim Baker
Commercial Director
17th February 2003

For More Information Contact
Carolyn Gray
Marketing Manager
Telephone 01825 720 800


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