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Press Release

The Clearing of Imberhorne Cutting

29 August 2008

The Bluebell Railway is continuing with its progress towards East Grinstead. In September work will begin on construction of the site compound at Imberhorne Lane in readiness for removal of the wastes contained in the cutting. The work will be jointly undertaken by Bluebell and a partner contractor Land & Water Services.

Once construction of the site compound is completed, a pilot run of the waste clearance will take place for about 2 weeks. The pilot will provide a vital learning curve to enable the Bluebell to plan the next phase of the operation.

It will also enable the management to make a more accurate prediction of exactly how much waste can be removed to landfill each day and how long absolute clearance is likely to take.

Finally, it will also give an indication of how much leachate and wet matter is contained in the waste, and how it is to be managed in the future, and generally demonstrate how successful the removal methodology & transport arrangements are, plus highlighting any unknown snags or problems.

Hopefully, there will be an adjacent viewing area but at this stage it will not be possible to provide access to the area, as it will be a designated works site under Health & Safety regulations and is the responsibility of a Land & Water site manager.

To provide part of the funds needed for clearing the Imberhorne Cutting the Bluebell Railway launched a Share Offer in July. The cost of the pilot is being meet from the proceeds of the Offer received to date. The Offer is open until the end of December. Members of the public who wish to obtain a copy of the Prospectus may do so by entering their details into the Railway's website or by telephone on 01825 720800.

The Bluebell Railway really are determined to clear the cutting and get the "Bluebell" into East Grinstead, but public support for the Share Offer and other fund raising initiatives they have in the pipeline is imperative.

2009 update. Please note: The share offer closed on 31st December 2008. Shares are still available for purchase by Bluebell Railway Preservation Society members (and non-members may of course join to become eligible). Details are available for how to purchase shares by instalments, or with a lump sum payment from the Society.

Funds are also being raised though the sale of "Tenner for the Tip" certificates.

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