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British Railways Standard Class 5MT 73082 "Camelot"

73082 Camelot

Hiroshi Naito 2 May 1998

Class: 5MT
Wheels: 4-6-0
Built: 1955
Last major overhaul: 1995
Last operational: June 2005
Owned by the 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society

Camelot in 1962 Right: 73082 is seen leaving New Milton with a semi-fast from Waterloo during the summer of 1962.
Photo © Nigel Kendall - SteamWeb.

"Camelot" was one of the Southern Region's allocation of Standard 5s, and when the King Arthur class, which they replaced, were being withdrawn, a staff suggestion led to the names being transferred to the new engines. Modern engines with roller bearings, highly capable and easy to maintain, they were withdrawn long before they were worn out thanks to BR's rush to get rid of steam in the 1960s.

Camelot in 1962 Left: 73082 is seen leaving New Milton with a local for Bournemouth on 25th May 1965. The headcode indicates the train originated from Guildford.
Photo © Nigel Kendall - SteamWeb.

A survivor of Barry Scrapyard, "Camelot" is the only remaining one of these named Standard 5s. It was returned to working order thanks to the dedication of the Camelot Society, which carried out fund-raising and engineering work. The latter included the construction of a brand-new tender body, fitted to frames recovered from a South Wales Ironworks, since, like so many Barry locos, it had lost its tender. It was a core member of the Bluebell's loco fleet for the decade after it returned to traffic in 1995.

The Camelot Locomotive Society have now started preparations for a boiler lift to enable the locomotive to be overhauled.

In November 2002 Bachmann released a fine model of Camelot, modelled as it has been restored, with the early BR emblem on the tender. This has provoked some comment concerning its authenticity, but it is indeed correct. According to the records Camelot was named in August 1959, and one photo the Camelot Locomotive Society have shows her at Eastleigh with the old style emblem in June 1960. They have several others taken in 1959 as well. Modellers therefore have the option of running the loco with or without the nameplates, and either representation would be historically accurate.

See also another photo of Camelot

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