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North Thames Gas Board Locomotive No.25


Photo: Ken Chown

Wheels: 0-4-0ST
Built: 1896 (or 1897), Neilson & Co. (Works No.5087)
Number carried: 25
Arrived on Bluebell: 25 October 1961
Owned by Industrial Locomotive Society
Left Bluebell: 2 August 1967

This locomotive was housed temporarily on the Bluebell on behalf of the Industrial Locomotive Society. It had latterly been used in the Retort House at the Beckton works of the North Thames Gas Board. Realised to be a locomotive rather outside the scope of the Bluebell's developing collection, it was moved to a new home in Norfolk once space became a premium at Sheffield Park. It is now part of the Bressingham Steam collection, having been presented to them by the Industrial Locomotive Society.

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