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Southern Railway Maunsell S15-class 4-6-0 No. 847

Built in 1936, owned by the Maunsell Locomotive Society

S15 No. 847 at Poleay Bridge - Derek Hayward - 14 December 2013

Derek Hayward's photo from Saturday 14 December 2013 shows S15 No. 847 on its
first day of Santa Special operation after its return to service, at Poleay Bridge.

This class of locomotives, of which this was the final locomotive to be built, were essentially a goods version of the King Arthur class of express passenger locos (N15). The S15s thus became known as Goods Arthurs, and like the N15s, their origins went back to the LSWR designs of Robert Urie. Coming to the Bluebell from Barry scrapyard in 1978, its restoration was not started until the Maunsell Society had completed the restoration of their Q-class locomotive in 1983.

The boiler received its hydraulic test in 1988, and although it did not enter service at that time, regulations retrospectively applied mean that the boiler certificate, valid for ten years, started ticking from that test. Hence after a relatively short spell (under 5 years) in traffic it was withdrawn for overhaul. The Maunsell Locomotive Society then carried out as much preparatory work for the boiler lift as is possible, whilst maintaining the loco in a presentable condition for display.

The overhaul commenced in earnest in October 2006, with some of funds to finance the overhaul (in the Bluebell's own workshop) already available. The boiler overhaul, which was a major part of the project involving replacing many of the stays including the complex crown stays, was returned to the overhauled frames on 9 August 2013, and it re-entered service on 11 December that year.

Following a very successful 8 years in service, the locomotive will require futher major firebox repairs, and the driving wheel tyres are now at scrapping size and will be replaced, at its next overhaul.

S15 with the Autumn Tints service - Peter Edwards - 13 October 2021
Class: S15
Wheels: 4-6-0
Class Introduced: 1920/1927
Designer: Richard Maunsell, based on earlier LSWR Urie design
Purpose: Mixed traffic/heavy goods
Total number built: 20 Urie and 25 Maunsell

Length: 65ft 63/4in
Weight: Engine: 79 tons 5 cwt, Tender: 56 tons 8 cwt
Water capacity: 5,000 gallons
Coal capacity: 5 tons
Boiler pressure: 200 lb/
Driving wheels: 5ft 7in diameter
Cylinders: (2, outside) 201/2" x 28"
Tractive effort: 29,855 lbs
BR power classification: 6F

Peter Edwards' photo shows the S15 with the Autumn Tints service on 13 October 2021.

Numbers carried: 847, 30847
Built: December 1936, Eastleigh Works
Withdrawn from BR service: January 1964 (Feltham)
Arrived on Bluebell Railway: 12 October 1978
Tender: A Urie eight wheel bogie tender, No. 3225, rebuilt to Maunsell pattern
Owner: Maunsell Locomotive Society - Their web page for 847
Previously operational: 13 Nov 1992 - 6 Oct 1997
                            11 Dec 2013 - 5 Dec 2021
Current status: Stored awaiting overhaul

847 during its first period in service - Richard Salmon

847 during its first period in service on the Bluebell - Richard Salmon

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