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Bluebell Railway - Safety Management

Safety is the responsibility of everyone, of course, and it is a line management responsibility - right up to the Board. But safety gets done - or not! - in all of our teams.

The Operational and Safety Review Group (OSRG) manages the safety management system (SMS) and related operating matters on behalf of the Bluebell Railway plc Board, and its members are the Directors responsible for Safety (Chair) Infrastructure, Locomotives, Rolling Stock, and Operations - who are currently Chris White, Chris Hunford, Lewis Nodes and Russell Pearce - and professional advisors. OSRG meets approximately every 6 weeks. Any operational or safety issue may appear on the agenda, and the group regularly reviews proposals for change to any aspects of the Railway's assets and procedures, accidents and incidents at Bluebell and elsewhere, and issues raised by Departmental committees.

Safety Newsletters

These are available on paper to staff and volunteers at many locations across the railway, and will also be available online via this page. I intend to produce future issues approximately quarterly, to help keep Bluebell people informed of what's happening on safety. If you have any ideas for inclusion please let me know - although I'm sure you don't need reminding that any safety problems that you have should be raised with the manager of the relevant department - your own, if in doubt. I look forward to hearing from you.
Brian Aitchison
Safety Manager
Sheffield Park Station
safety @ bluebell-railway . co . uk
01825 720802

Bluebell Safety News - Issue 12 - December 2017

This is a PDF newletter, which you can download to your computer by clicking on the link. You can then open it using a free viewer such as Acrobat Reader which is often already available on most computers.

Back issues: Issue 1 - March 2012, Issue 2 - May 2012, Issue 3 - Aug 2012, Issue 4 - Nov 2012, Issue 5 - Feb 2013, Issue 6 - June 2013, Issue 7 - July 2014, Issue 8 - Dec 2014, Issue 9 - May 2015, Issue 10 - September 2015.


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