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Bluebell Railway Preservation Society
Annual General Meeting 2007

A full report from the meeting will be available soon.

Election results: BRPS Trustees - 4 vacancies

Tim Baker 164 votes Elected
David Foale 150 votes Elected
Paul Churchman 131 votes Elected
Sandy Saunders 131 votes Elected
Eric Nutland 112 votes  
Roger Williams 106 votes  

Tim, David, Paul and Sandy are therefore elected. We welcome newcomers Paul and Sandy to the Society Committee and offer commiserations to Eric and Roger.

Roy announced that this would be his last term as Society Chairman and we should therefore look for a new Chairman to take over in 2010.


The main news was that we've reached agreement with WSCC over purchase of the tip. We expect to exchange contracts in June which will then allow the share issue to be launched (though there will be a 3 month lag because of FSA scrutiny of the share prospectus). We won't take ownership immediately and have up to 2 years to complete. During this period, the tip will, obviously, remain in WSCC ownership.

It is essential to note that we DO NOT have right of access so please do not go exploring the tip because you will be trespassing!

A full report on this important news will be available soon.

Presidential Address

We were delighted that our President, Bernard Holden, was able to be with us for most of the evening. Bernard addressed the meeting for around 15 minutes, recalling events around the start up of the Society and the subsequent meetings. He finished by saying that we had been at Kingscote for over 10 years and it was high time we were in East Grinstead. He received a standing ovation which lasted several minutes.
A full report from the meeting will be available soon.

The revised Objectives, Aims & Plans as agreed at the meeting are now available online.


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