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SUMMARY OF TRUSTEES MEETING held on 20th February 2004

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This meeting concentrated on a few important issues and all normal business was deferred until the next meeting.

Brighton Saloon: Howard Strongitharm presented his ideas and plans for the restoration of this vehicle with a tentative target date of Spring 2006. Initial inspection suggests that the main structure is in good condition. Various people had advised or offered to assist with the kitchen equipment , steam heating, bodywork and underframe. Initial soundings for Trust funding had been made. Unanimously endorsing the project, Trustees asked him to bear in mind the existing works programme. Once the target finance had been raised, Carriage No. 60 would be able to join the queue to enter the works but, realistically, this could not be before 2006. It would however be included in the work review in 2005. This will have an impact on the planned return date. They also asked him to consider re-instating the gangways so as to improve the flexibility and commercial attractiveness of the vehicle for corporate entertainment etc as this would allow it to be coupled to the semi-royal saloon. Plans to be presented at AGM.

Operation Undercover: HLF application about two-thirds complete but confident that it will be finished by the 26th March deadline. Nicholas Pryor estimated that he had spent about 400 hours on the application so far. Purpose of proposed underground cistern is to catch rainfall from the roof and use this to replenish the water tower. This will satisfy the Environment Agency's concerns about increased run-off to the river and reduce our water bill. The proposed relocation of the washout pit to new track parallel with the pump-house siding still needs to be evaluated but can be removed from the project at a later stage if necessary. For the avoidance of doubt and to squash the rumours, Trustees re-affirmed the decision they had taken in September 2003, ie:

Museum: Trustees approved an Acquisitions and Disposal Policy which is needed before we can proceed with registration. This makes it clear that any items loaned to the museum must be loaned for (renewable) fixed periods. Indefinite loans are not permitted under the rules of the Museum Association's Registration Scheme.

Education Policy: Trustees endorsed the proposed Education Policy for the Railway (needed for the HLF Application) and congratulated Sam Bee for his efforts in drawing this up.

Retail team: The Committee wishes it to be known that they were fully consulted about the proposed changes to the retail team and were kept fully informed of progress through the various stages of appointing a new Sales & Promotions Manager.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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