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Horsted Keynes Down Yard: Working Party to be established to look at this site with a view to making it more visually attractive to passengers on trains (or at least explaining what it is). May extend review to Sheffield Park.

Extension: Options discussed for using clay capping IF we receive permission from the Environment Agency etc to use it. Strong preference to use it to fill in the approach to the former Sheriff Mill viaduct and to make up the ground in the Down Yard in readiness for more Undercover development. Trustees firmly rejected the proposal to construct a chord between the Park and Ardingly lines. More information was required on suggested option to infill the 'V' between the Ardingly and Sheffield Park lines.

Museum: Provisional registration now achieved under the Museum Registration Scheme and work is now in hand to achieve full registration. We have one year to do this. Agreed that the Society's Reference Library will be placed with the archive so as to make more room in the Members Library for loan items.

Sheffield Park: Committee unhappy with scale of landscaping at Sheffield Park and the lack of consultation with the Society Trustees. All further work to be stopped until the policy has been agreed in the light of the Society's Long Term Plan.

Model Railway (Woodpax): This layout, built as part of a TV programme, fills most of the shed on our part of the Woodpax site. It has apparently been offered to the railway but the Trustees do not know the terms of this. Discussion on long-term future in the knowledge that the building will be demolished as part of the Woodpax development and the extensive costs of making the building fit for public access (new doors, fire precautions, power supplies, proper access to site and fencing). To be investigated further before a decision is taken.

Volunteer Sleeping Accommodation: Chairman stayed in sleeping coach over Thomas weekend and was not impressed. Urgent measures to be taken to improve and waterproof coach and to investigate long terms options for sleeping accommodation.

Volunteer Recruitment : Trustees considering excellent proposals from Sinclair Vincent for 'Hands on' days and volunteer apprentice scheme. Comments to be fed back to him before next Committee meeting and to be discussed at that meeting.

Next Meeting will be on 17th September. Any papers to the General Secretary by 10th September at the latest.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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