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SUMMARY OF TRUSTEES MEETING held on 19th March 2004

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Bluebell Railway Trust: Trustees noted with pleasure that Bill Brophy has been appointed Chairman in succession to the late Dave Ratcliffe. They were also pleased to note that new overhead cranes have been installed in the Loco Workshop, thanks to the Trust.

Kingscote: The FoK had agreed to vacate the former Porter's Room in return for secure storage for their tools etc so that it could be restored to its proper use. Our thanks to them for agreeing to this.

Gas Lamps: Remedial work to overcome safety issues is possible for all lamps except for the one in the signalbox. Estimate awaited for replacement of piping and other work. The lamps will require an annual inspection and safety certificate.

Operation Undercover: HLF application will be submitted before the deadline. Congratulations to all involved over the hectic last few months and especially to Nicholas Pryor for the hundreds of man hours he has put in.

Museum: Trustees approved the list of items which will form the initial Core Collection - a prerequisite for registration by the Museums Association. They also approved the Heads of Agreement between the Society, Company, Trust and Museum Committee governing the transfer of artefacts to the Museum.

Long Term Plan 2004: Draft plan discussed and agreed subject to some minor modifications. This will be submitted for adoption at the Society AGM. Thanks to those who submitted comments and suggestions.

Security: The loss of another clock (not a genuine railway clock) was regretted and advice is to be obtained on improving the security of the stations and making life difficult for thieves.

Repaint of 'Birch Grove' (Part 2): Agreed to repaint this into lined BR black for one year provided that the full costs of doing this are met by those wishing to see it this livery.

AGM nominations & motions: The closing date has passed and there will be elections for Vice-Chairman and Trustees. All other Officers returned unopposed. One motion has been received for discussion at the AGM.

Communication: Trustees and Officers urged to refer all railway and local press enquiries to the Society Press Officer (Barry Coward) so as to avoid conflicting or misleading information appearing in print.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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