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The Committee welcomed Roger Cruse, Lewis Nodes and Sam Bee following their election at the AGM.

Locomotives: The Committee considered the report on the test trains run with Loco 672 Fenchurch - as a representative of our more historic locos - which had been conducted so as to assess the viability of their continued use on passenger trains. The Committee agreed that it was essential to minimise the effects of intensive use in terms of operating difficulties and wear and tear. Accordingly, the Committee agreed that, in view of their increasing age, use of the Terriers in future years would be biased towards passenger trains and that sufficient time should be diagrammed in to allow for servicing in between trips. Use of the Terriers in between requirements for passenger train duties will need to take account of the need to ensure boiler washouts are not delayed.

At the request of the Terrier Trust, Stepney will visit the KESR in September but will not work trains up Tenterden Bank.

C&W Works: The Committee agreed that the balance of funds held by the Trust against the Carriage Shed should be used to insulate the roof of the paint shop and at the same time to replace the asbestos roof sheets. This work will allow the paint shop to be used throughout the year.

Review of AGM: 305 Members signed in and a large number of display stands to the extent that these overflowed into the main hall. Grateful thanks to Richard Parfitt for stepping into the Chair and for his handling of the meeting. Clair Hall in doubt for 2005 as Mid Sussex District Council won't commit on bookings (possible redevelopment plans). Possibility of using Chequer Mead Centre at East Grinstead instead which would offer better display space.

Nomination of Directors: The Committee nominated Messrs Baker, Foale, Pearce, Pryor and Watts to continue with their existing responsibilities. Lewis Nodes was nominated as Locomotive and Rolling Stock Director and David Tutt as Operations and Health & Safety Director. Although he was no longer a Trustee, the Committee agreed to nominate Chris White as Infrastructure Director but recommended that he lose his responsibilities for Personnel and Health & Safety matters. The Committee was grateful to Chris for agreeing to continue with the Infrastructure role, given the critical stage that the extension to East Grinstead has reached. A note explaining the background to this decision to be circulated as soon as possible.

Trustee Responsibilities: Trustees responsibilities were agreed and a list will be circulated and published. The Infrastructure sub-committee will be chaired by Charles Hudson; Retail sub-committee by Russell Pearce; L&RS sub-committee by Lewis Nodes; and the Publications sub-committee by Roy Watts & Roger Cruse.

Hove Building: The Society's response at the AGM to the news that the building would arrive in a dismantled state and that we would have to fund its re-erection to the satisfaction of Brighton & Hove City Council had been fed back to the parties concerned. Developments are awaited.

Museum: The Committee was pleased to note that the Museum was now registered.

Next Meeting: The next Committee meeting will be held on 23rd July.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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