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held on 15th April and 27th May 2005

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APRIL:  The Committee met from 7:30pm to 10:15pm

Fire Dept: Further discussion was held on the Department's activities and the core tasks of the Department were agreed. These tasks would be financed by the company within the agreed budget. Extraneous activities such as support to village bonfire celebrations were outside the scope of the railway's core requirements but the Dept was free to do this provided it was at no cost to the railway.

Direct Debits for Society Subscriptions: The Society Officers continued to press for a solution to the impasse which is preventing the implementation of Direct Debits. As the Society is an unincorporated body, the Trustees would have to accept unlimited liability for any overpayments made through the Direct Debit system and there is a natural reluctance to accept this.

Sheffield Park Active Review (SPAR): Terms of Reference agreed and emphasised that SPAR is not a decision making body. Its role is to take a strategic view of Sheffield Park and to make recommendations to the Trustees. A deadline of May 2006 was agreed for this report.

MAY:   The Committee met from 8pm to 11:50pm

Trustees' Responsibilities: Only minor changes to existing responsibilities. Simon Baker becomes Chairman of the Infrastructure sub-committee and takes on overall responsibility for sleeping accommodation. Day to day responsibility for the sleeping coaches is delegated to the Station Masters.

Directors' responsibilities: No changes proposed by the Society.

Society Finance: Discussion to be held with bank on options for using Direct debits for Society subscriptions and to see if they can suggest ways around the issue of unlimited liability.

Review of AGM: Disappointing turnout but recognised that this may have been due to the lack of an election and/or the change of venue. Despite the low numbers it was a good meeting.

Health & Safety: The Committee discussed the need to secure yard when engines are in steam or moving around. It may also prove necessary to close running shed completely to visitors as well. The safety notices are to be strengthened and re-positioned.

9F Club: The Committee expressed its concern over the precipitous action taken by a Director which had resulted in the resignation of the Club's officers and nearly brought about the demise of the Club. This had happened with impeccable timing as only the previous weekend, the HRA had singled out the 9F Club as an exemplar of youth involvement in Heritage Railways. Fortunately, new volunteers had come forward to take over the running of the Club.

LBSC Milk Van 270: The Committee approved a proposal from a C&W Working Group to erect a temporary shelter for the vehicle but only if this could be located out of sight so that it was not visible from the road.

Sleeping Cars: The Committee considered the options for replacing the two Mark 1 vehicles with Mark 3 vehicles. After a short, late night, discussion, it was agreed to reject the proposal to acquire Mark 3 vehicles due to the high running costs of the on board services (circa 75kw) and to see what repairs could be made to the existing vehicles to improve the environment.

Next Meeting: The next Committee meeting will be held on Friday 29th July.


Gavin Bennett
General Secretary


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