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held on 18th February and 18th March 2005

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February The Committee met from 7:30pm to 11:55pm

Fire Dept: The Fire Dept gave a presentation to the Trustees, setting out their role and the services they provide to the railway, such as fire safety, first aid kit replenishment and emergency/ non emergency response to various incidents. They were asked to produce comparative costings for some of these tasks.

Bluebell Railway Trust: A report was given by Richard Salmon and Jan Kozminski, Society Representatives to the Bluebell Railway Trust; on the activities of the Trust during 2004. The Trust had funded new overhead cranes in the Loco Works, replacement of the Carriage Shed (paint shop) roof, extension track materials, part of the Shed Wall at Sheffield Park and many other projects. The highlight of the year had been the outshopping of LBSCR Carriage 661.

Heritage Railway Association: Roger Price, our HRA Representative, gave a report on HRA,s activities during the year. He had attended 5 meetings during the year and also attended the FEDECRAIL (Federation of European Museum and Tourist Railways) conference in Holland. HRA had spent much time and effort on the proposed new Railway Regulations and Safety Processes.

Follow up to Members Forum: There was a good turnout for this but most questions were directed at Messrs Pearce, Watts and Pryor, mainly from a large contingent of C&W staff. Trustees expressed concern that the meeting had been dominated by Car 64 issues and felt that this may have deterred other members from raising issues with the other Trustees present. Russell Pearce had prepared a paper on the profitability of the Golden Arrow and it was agreed to publish this via Notice Boards and Points and Crossings.

Running Shed Wall: Trustees agreed a proposal to seek Trust funding for completion of the shed wall (since approved by the Trust).


March: The Committee met from 7:35pm to 9:30pm

AGM Issues: Only three nominations for Trustee and two nominations for Society Representatives to the Trust had been received. As a result, there would be no election this year. Two motions had been received.

SPAR (Sheffield Park Active Review): Terms of Reference for this Group to be redefined so as to make it clear that it was not a decision making body but was charged with looking at the big picture and making recommendations to the Trustees for future development of the site.

Hove Ticket Office: Southern / Brighton & Hove City Council have now decided to move this building to Amberley.

Sleeping Cars: Possibility of acquiring two Mark 3 sleepers to replace the Queen of Scots sleeping Car and the one in the top car park remains an option but concern remains over running costs (they need air conditioning) and means of emptying retention tanks. Other railways to be approached to see how they deal with these problems.

Future Meetings: The programme of Trustee meetings for 2005/6 was agreed. Seven meetings were planned with scope for a further two if business demanded it.

Operation Undercover: The contract and agreement with the Heritage Lottery Fund had now been signed, thus releasing the funds to develop the proposal for Stage 2 assessment.

Kingscote: The tenant has expressed concern about staff and passengers accessing the platform via the Garden when the station is unmanned. Trustees had previously agreed to install a side gate giving access to the platform and to relocate the Phone Kiosk with a direct line to the General Office and were concerned this had not been done. Trustees requested a report to be made at the next meeting.


Gavin Bennett
General Secretary


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